Portraits session with Sofia | Montreal Family Portrait Photographer

Last week I had a beautiful baby in my studio. Her name is Sofia and she is a wonderful kid. I was a little bit skeptical about photographing kids in studio. For some reasons they might be too stressed around all the equipment, tripods, cables, flash lights and so forth.To my surprise, Sofia behaved like a little star. Not only she enjoyed the lights and all the colors popping out all around her, but she also posed like a real model. Take a look and see how natural she was in front of the camera.

Well, in short, that was an interesting experience. I still love the natural light and the freedom that comes with the open space, but the studio becomes a viable alternative for photographing kids. I would have never thought that a kid could be so excited in a studio. I think I just learned a lesson.

In terms of lighting I used more lights than usual. I also used grids and gels as well as back lights to replicate the sun and the cinematic feeling. I used even 5 lights at one point. I started with one and as soon as I realized that Sofia was not scared I added more gradually and this is how I ended up with 5.

I know some fellow photographers who would say that studio photography is boring. Why they are saying that? Well, I’d rather let you discover.

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