Wedding Photography | Questions & Answers

Since we get a lot of questions regarding  our wedding photography services, we thought it might be a good idea to gather all these questions in a FAQ section. This way you will get a basic idea of what we offer so that we can address other inquires in our phone or in-person conversations.


  1. From all the wedding photographers out there, why should we pick you?

Simply because we are sure you will enjoy everything we have to offer – our professionalism, our products, our approach of dealing with people and our full commitment to offer you a wonderful experience. Your satisfaction is our No.1 rule. Your wedding is not just another “job” for us. Your wedding is as unique for us as it is for you. We will treat it accordingly and you will feel that right away. Besides that, you can count on the following:

  • We listen more than we talk. We pay attention to all your needs and make suggestions when appropriate.
  • We visit in advance the location/venue where your wedding will take place to scout for great areas for taking the pictures and to also be aware of the unexpected situations – changing in lighting conditions, having a Plan B in case it will rain, snow, and so forth.
  • We create a timeline for photography together with you so that the day of the wedding will have less stress and more fun.
  • We arrive on time or even earlier then scheduled, dressed appropriately and always have a positive attitude throughout the day.
  • We know how to coordinate the groups in a polite and professional manner.


  1. How much do you charge?

We’re not cheap but we’re not expensive either. We will do everything possible to work with your budget but there is one thing to keep in mind – if all it matters to you is the price, than this tells us that you don’t really care about your wedding photography. In this case, maybe we are not the best fit for your needs. Plus, there is much more about your wedding photographer than just the price. We strongly recommend meeting us before taking any decision. You’ll have the chance to verify all that is stated on this page.


  1. Do you also offer Engagement Sessions?

Yes. Most of our packages include an Engagement Session.  This is another good opportunity to get to know us better. There is one more thing about that. Even though we sign a contract and take a “retainer” before the wedding, we make the wedding contract contingent upon your satisfaction during and after the Engagement Session. In other words, if you are not completely satisfied with your pictures from your Engagement Session, or for any other reason you think we don’t meet your requirements, we will reimburse you the retainer and there will be no other obligations from your part.* Your satisfaction is our No.1 rule.


  1. Should I do an Engagement Session or not?

“Yes” is the definite answer. Not only you get to know your photographer before your big day, but the pictures from the engagement session can be used for a multitude of purposes as follows:

    • Guest book with your pictures from the engagement session for all the quests to sign.
    • Framed gifts for your family or friends.
    • Slideshow to be displayed during the wedding.
    • Wedding announcements cards and invitations
    • Custom calendars and different products offered as thank you gifts.
    • Save the date cards
    • Additional pictures for your wedding album


  1. What products do you offer?

We offer large prints, fine art prints, canvases  and standouts, albums, fine art albums, guest book albums, parents’ albums. We work with top of the industry photo labs and we also do in-house printing and museum quality framing.


  1.  How many images do you take during the wedding?

We take as many images as possible so please rest assured that your wedding will be properly documented. In the end we think that not the quantity will make you happy but the quality of our pictures. However you will be provided with a lot of images.


  1.  How many photographers there will be on my wedding?

It all depends on the package you choose. You can choose one photographer and one assistant, or you can choose two photographers.


  1. How much is the “retainer”?

The retainer is 45% of the package you pick. The rest of the amount is due no later than two weeks before the wedding.


  1. How long does it take to receive the pictures?

The pictures from the Engagement Session will be ready in 2 weeks.

The pictures from the wedding will be ready in 5 weeks.  The wedding album will require 2 additional weeks for the design and 2-4  weeks for printing and shipping.


  1. How would you describe your style?  

Cinematic. This translates through a very unobtrusive approach to photograph your wedding. Of course we take formal pictures, but most of the wedding will be photographed from a cinematic perspective. We come from film and acting background and we just simply love this approach and we strongly believe you will love it too.


  1. My wedding will take place on a big venue and that requires insurance from your part? Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we do have 2 million dollars liability insurance.


  1.  I want my pictures to be password protected on a private gallery. Do you provide that?

Absolutely. Your online gallery will be password protected and the only way you can access it is through a user name and password under the “Client Login” section of our website.


  1. Do you also offer Boudoir photography?

We do offer Boudoir photography on a separate portfolio. Please get in touch with us and we will point you to our online portfolio.


  1.  Do you also offer Trash the Dress sessions?

Yes, we do offer Trash the Dress sessions.


  1.  Method of Payment

We prefer cash or cheque but you can also use our secure Pay Pal method. Just use the following link.