Montreal Headshot Photographer – Headshot session with Naiia Lajoie

Hello friends!

It is the last day of February. It’s still freezing outside and it seems the winter doesn’t want to go away. I think I’ve developed an obsession for Canadian winters.

But let’s forget about the winter for a bit and let’s get back to photography. Last week I took some actors headshots in my studio. In this post I will share with you some headshots I took for Naiia Lajoie, a young and talented actress from Montreal.  Take a look at the pictures below and see how genuine Naiia was during the shoot.

The following days I will post some more pictures, from the other session, but they have to undergo the post production stage first.

In terms of lighting, I used a mix of natural and artificial light. One big V-Bank and a medium softbox for fill, as well as natural light for the background in some instances, or another flash for separation, as you’ll see in the images below. Headshots require even lighting, so that’s exactly what I did. For more info about shooting headshots please take a look at our Actors Headshots FAQ page.

See you in a few days with more headshots.

Ps. Winter obsessions can be cured with some of Chris Rea’s songs.  Try this out and let me know what you think. Link ;).


Naiia Lajoie


Naiia Lajoie


Naiia Lajoie


Naiia Lajoie


Naiia Lajoie

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