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 Hello again!

A few days ago I had a young and talented musician in my studio. Take a look at some portraits I took for him. You know I love working with artists. Especially with musicians. Maybe you want to know why. Well, it’s a long story and maybe I will share it with you one day, but for now please take a look at some samples from this portraits session.

In terms of lighting, I used an Elinchrom in a medium softbox as a main light and another two lights with grids for the background. Simple setup. I always go with the energy that emerge from a photo-session and I don’t put too much emphasis on lighting diagrams or metering too often. David Hobby from Strobist  would say – “it’s an add salt to taste’ thing” so that’s exactly what I did here. Measuring the lights too often might put the subject in an uncomfortable situation and you might loose his interest. Of course, you’ll get perfectly exposed pictures but it’s not what I usually go for. I would rather capture the feeling for the price of over or underexposure.  Enjoy!


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