Montreal Photographer | Portraits session with Tina Karr

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If my last post was about the  portrait session with the very talented Claire of Elle Canada, this time I had an incredible experience working with another artist. Tina Karr is a brilliant writer, a blogger, a mother and a very special person. Tina writes about sexuality and the different stages in a woman’s life, about things that need to be discussed but are always postponed, about regrets, illusions and fantasies, about being a mother and a lover in our society. She was also a professional ballerina at the National Ballet of Toronto, mime, actor and puppeteer with prestigious companies like Philip Genty (France) and the Bread & Puppet (USA), Autumn Angel, Mime Theater Co. and Beyond Word (Ontario).You can check out her blog and follow her work here.

Her first book will be published in February and I had the privilege to shoot the cover as well as some portraits of Tina. I will post the cover as soon as the book is released. Until then you can take a look at some of the pictures from the session.

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"Tina Karr Montreal Portrait"

Tina Karr portrait

Tina Karr full body

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