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Headshots photo session with Melissa Roussin | Montreal Headshot Photographer

Melissa Roussin

This is from a recent headshots photo session done for Melissa Roussin in our studio.

Headshots session with Elisa Landry | Montreal Headshot Photographer

headshot of elisa landry

This is from a recent headshots session we had with the extremely talented singer and actress Elisa Landry. She is represented by the well known Montreal based talent agency Ginette Achim and is one of the performers of the Sherazade 1001 Nuits, the extraordinary musical act directed by Felix Gray which played in Montreal for […]

A different wedding | Montreal Wedding Photographer


Hello friends! This time I will share with you some images we captured recently during the wedding of our dear friends Gregg and Mishie. The images below will tell you the story of the day and I am not going to make a long introduction. I will just add that this time, photographically, we approached […]

Romania 2011 | Montreal Photographer


Hello friends! It’s been a while since our last post but we’ve been busier than ever. Anyway, we’re back. The fall is here and we’ll have more time to seat in front of the screen. This post is about our recent trip.

Portraits session with Vitalie Ursu | Montreal Portrait Photographer

Vitalie Ursu portrait

Portraits of the actor Vitalie Ursu photographed in Montreal by Gabriel Hristea from Cinematic Picture

Young Musician – Portrait Session | Montreal Portrait Photographer


A few days ago I had a young and talented musician in my studio. Take a look at some portraits I took for him. In terms of lighting, I used an Elinchrom in a medium softbox as a main light and another two lights with grids for the background.

Montreal En Hiver | Montreal Photographer


I took the camera and I went out in the worst winter storm we’ve had so far. You know what? It wasn’t that bad. The snow storm I mean. Actually it was an amazing experience

Cover Book And Other News

Cinematic Picture Logo

The portrait that will appear inside has been already published in a previous post. You can find it in the post named “Portraits Session With Tina Karr”.

So this would be my first book cover. I must admit there is a nice feeling when you’re published.

Family Photo Session – Montreal Family Portraits Photographer


The other day I was sorting through all my pictures I took this year and I came across a family photo shoot I did in September. I decided to make a post out of this just to contrast all the winter images circulating all around us these days.

Montreal Photographer | Portraits session with Tina Karr


This time I had an incredible experience working with another artist. Tina Karr is a brilliant writer, a blogger, a mother and a very special person. Her first book will be published in February and I had the privilege to shoot the cover as well as some portraits of Tina.

Portraits session with Claire Vessot, ELLE Senior Designer | Montreal Portrait Photographer


A few days ago I had the privilege to photograph a very special artist. Her name is Claire Vessot and she is the Senior Designer for Elle. She designs jewelries; amazing jewelries and you can check out her fabulous work here. I had such a great time meeting and photographing Claire and I want to share with you some pictures from the session.

Of Parents And Kids | Montreal Family Portraits Photographer | Cinematic Picture


To photograph kids is always a challenge. They are full of energy, they don’t listen and there’s absolutely no way to guide them. So what do you have to do as a photographer in order to capture the best moments when you photograph kids?



This post features some more pictures from our recent trip to Romania.

Romanian Tradition


We captured a custom from a world untouched by political or economical issues and which is only available now in books and in our grandparent’s memories. This is also the world of our childhood, of our history and of our roots. We come from that world and this is our family and our identity card as well.